Boldly.... (A First Shot At An Promotional Video)

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Boldly.... (A First Shot At An Promotional Video)

Boldly.... (A First Shot At An Promotional Video)

Post by Amortz » Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:41 am

This was my first time using a couple of nifty tools: Open Broadcaster Software Studio and HitFilm3 Express. OBS is a fantastic way to record video from your gaming computer without needing expensive software or hardware. It does window capture direct to hard drive. But, best of all--it's FREE! Hitfilm3 Express is a basic version of a very professional AV editing package. You can buy various upgrades, but the basics for making videos like the one above are all there in an easy-to-learn layout. And, again--FREE! HF3E does need you to register your name and address...and, to agree to receive their newsletters. But, for what you get, probably worth it.

Links for these two are in the "Important Links" area.

I can't recommend these two highly enough. But, if you don't want to do any editing, please consider using OBS to record video from your gameplay. You can contact me, and I would absolutely enjoy using donated video to make more promotionals for Axanar.
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